Interested in helping our organization? Here are a few suggestions. Contact Mark Estes if one of these seem like a good fit for you! A downloadable Service Hours Form is provided for your convenience.

Corporate Sponsorship
If you work for a company or are affiliated with a philanthropic organization interested in supporting FCC-Austin, we now have a Corporate Sponsorship Form available. Because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, such donations are much appreciated and tax deductible.

Below are some forms that may be of use to you as a volunteer or board member:

Start a Playgroup
Find a couple of other families near you and plan a place and time for regular gatherings. These groups are the nuts and bolts of our community and it’s always nice to get together for friendship and support for both children and parents. Keep it simple and help shore up our connections.

Volunteer to Help with an Event
Check the web site or newsletter and contact the coordinator to sign up to help. Obviously, if you have a specialty, that would be helpful to mention. Current events include:
  • Picnic/Back-to-School Gathering in August
  • Moon Festival in September
  • Chuy’s Parade in November
  • Chinese New Year in February
Newsletter Contributions
Our newsletter is being written by the board of officers so any additional contributions will ease the responsibilities quite a bit as we roll into festival season. We could always use articles regarding:
  • A heritage trip about returning to China with your child
  • A book review of a really helpful read that you feel would be beneficial to other FCC families
Adoption in the Greater Austin Area
Help us connect with other adoption groups or organizations in the Austin surrounding area. Contact the leaders of these groups and see what activities they do and how we could build community there.

Adoption and Schools
The education piece for this year includes making ourselves available to go to faculty in-service programs for teachers and make short presentations about adoption issues and the classroom. This volunteer piece would be great for a stay-at-home parent who taught school. We would need someone to make the contacts and schedule the presentations. We currently have volunteers interested and willing to make the presentations.

Art on Display
Create a display with artwork or poetry from the FCC children (from a playgroup?) that can be shown at various festivals and events we promote.