Language Resources for Adults & Children
Asian American Cultural Center
Austin Chinese Church
Austin Chinese Educational Services (ACES)
Austin Chinese School
Austin Great Wall Chinese School
Austin Lily Pad Chinese School
A Child’s Garden of Language
Chinese with Meggie
Cool Panda
eChinese Learning
eChinese Learning for Adoptive Families
Fun Learning Center
IQuest Global Enrichment Center
J&J Chinese School
Jordan Montessori School
Little Dragon Chinese Learning Center (pwd: chinese123456)
Little Hands Daycare Center
The Magellan International School
Marvelous Mandarin
Write in Chinese

Current Informal Classes
Chinese Cultural and Language Classes
North Austin (Pond Springs Elementary area)
Contact Mr. Chong Dao Huang, 512.258.8510
Note: He also speaks Guangdong dialect

South Austin (Circle C area)
Contact Wendy Li, 512.288.2996

Central Austin (Lost Creek area)
Contact Kathy Lin, 512.327.7080

South Language Playgroup
Currently not in session. For details about upcoming language classes in South Austin, contact Dianne Harwood.

FCC does not necessarily endorse these classes, but is offering them as a resource.